Classical Tabla Syllabus Level - II 

  • 3 Kaidas in Teel Taal
  • 2 Kaidas in Jhaptaal
  • Relas, Parans and Chakradars in
    ​Teen Taal
  • Tihaai , Tukda and Mukhdas 
  • Vilambit Ektaal

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Tabla -Drum Playing Classes

Tabla is an Indian drum. Tabla is made up of two pieces, the right handed smaller drum is called tabla. The left handed bigger drum is called dagga

Tabla classes are offered in group, semi-private and one to one settings. All Classes are offered one a week at Plano, Irving and Frisco Locations

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Classical Tabla Syllabus Level - I 
Introduction to 7 Basic Taals or Rhythms. One Kaida each in Teen Taal and Jhaptaal

  • Teen Taal
  • Dadra
  • Jhaptaal
  • Ektaal
  • Rupak
  • Bhajani
  • Kherva