Daily Morning Routine

1. Have soaked methi seeds

2. Have 2-4 glassed of water every 10 -15 minutes one glass

3. Once glass of green smoothie ( Total 1 liter during the day before 5 pm . You split into 2 or three glasses )

4. Do you exercises - Warmup, 6 to 12 Surya namaskars, Brisk Walking or Jogging

5.  Black Tea or Black Coffee not early than 30 minutes after the smoothie

6. Soak nuts for mid morning or late afternoon tea time snack . Walnuts and Almonds preferred

7 . Make sure you have some dal / Kathol / Legumes soaked to be cooked for lunch/ dinner. If not do it now Type your paragraph here.

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Jowar and Chana Dal Khitchdi with soya beans and brocolli

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