Hindi Lessons in Plano

  • Introduction to Hindi Alphabet - Blue Book  
    Three words and three sentences on each letter in the Hindi alphabet along with English pronounciations

  • Alpha Tracing - Green Book   
    Workbook for young children to trace Hindi alphabet

Level II Syllabus

  • Hindi Sentence Analysis - Orange Book  
    Workbook where students use sentence learnt in book II. This time they translate Hindi words and trace full words ( instead of only letters in level I )

  • Hindi Alphabet Workbook-2 - Pink Book  
    Hindi handwriting book for Hindi letters ( no matras) for students above 5 years of age . This book is arranged according to desi-roots order of Hindi alphabet described below and in the attached book previews

Level - III  Syllabus

Hindi Matras
Hindi handwriting book for Hindi matras and Barakhadi

Small Devnagari Words
Reading small words - Two letter Hindi words in combinations of all twelve matras

Devnagari Word Workbook
Writing hindi meaning ( in devnagari ) of the english words with reference the book above

हिंदी भाषा की कक्षा

All Hindi Classes are designed for students to appear for CBE - Credit By Exam as offered by Avant Assessments. Separate Hindi Classes are offered for both Adults and Kids at our three locations in Plano, Frisco and Irving
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Hindi Classes sessions run for 45 minutes once a week. Classes include reading, writing and speaking practice with use powerpoint hindi slides, hindi cartoon videos and popular hindi movie kids songs. Click on the text book links below to see the textbook extract

Level I Syllabus 

  • Beginning Hindi Converstions - Yellow Book​
    30 chapters including poems, small questions, Introductions and family. Introductions to verbs and adjective conjugation